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Governor Andres Pascual College was the dream of Don Andres Pascual, he loved his countrymen so much, that he founded the Wesleyan High School foundation in 1947, and housed it in his own lot and building in Tangos, Navotas, Metro Manila .
Don Andres Pascual College was still not satisfied. He reserve his one hectare site where a modern high school building could be built. However,  time did not allow him to realize his dreams. When Don Andres Pascual died on October 12, 1973. the transformation of his dream into reality became an obsession not only
To his beloved wife, dona adela s. pascual, but also to their niece, dr. Olivia s. pascual. Though prayers  and hard work they succeed in founding this high school. To perpetuate the memory of the late don Andres pascual, his wife dona adela and their niece, Olivia, decided to name this high school as governor Andres pascual high school.
             On June 14, 1976 the Governor Andres pascual high school started accommodating the poor school children of Navotas, Metro Manila. It offered nursery, kinder, elementary and secondary levels. From 384 students at the start in 1976, it has grown to 2,395 students in 1995.
In July 1993, the ultimate goal can to help prefare the student in their professional career, the Governor Andres Pascual High School was no longer limited to secondary education, to became a college . Governor Andres Pascual College started from a humble five(5) courses, and it is now offering ten(10) courses including the master of arts in education and doctor of education. We thank god for all his blessings. May his name be glorified.
It will be then no wonder with the God helping us, we can now pray that GOVERNOR ANDRES PASCUAL COLLEGE will someday become university “THE GOVERNOR ANDRES PASCUAL UNIVERSITIES.”